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Lycra Fabrics

Lycra is another name for spandex material. This is a general term for all fabrics that have spandex threads in their construction. Lycra is strong and flexible, like rubber. It does not lose its shape or elasticity when pulled and perfectly returns to its natural state when released.


Another name for Lycra is spandex. Polyurethane makes spandex, which has a high degree of elasticity and quick recovery. Initially produced in 1958 to take the place of latex rubber, which enabled clothing to expand.


Polyurethane, a long-chain polymer, used to make Lycra. A diisocyanate and polyester are combined to create it. The polymer is then subjected to a dry spinning process in order to convert it into a fiber.


Twinkle India has developed a reputation for dealing with a wide range of products, all of which benefit from the care and purity we offer that not all businesses do. Let's now discuss lycra materials and how we are commoditizing them. We provide the best qualities for you guys to buy lycra fabric online, let's start it.


The best elastic material ever is what makes Lycra, which is primarily a synthetic quality product, so special. These fabrics are mostly used for leggings and flexible pants. We are working hard to develop the highest-quality lycra fabrics because there are far too many people involved in the process of selling materials.


Elastane and spandex make up the majority of The property. Prior to now, only China had a wholesale market. not just in clothing materials, but also in materials used in toys, bag handles, and shoes. All these products have been used, but when the quality comes into the scene, there is no compromise related to it.


We do not charge exorbitantly, but the entire process of making lycra fabrics is nothing but laboratory-based. Firstly making the base of it, then adding colors to it then drying it, by making this particular product we as a company are also employing the people, young people who want to develop the mechanisms in their business fields. There are four ways to make lycra, but we're going with the most inventive.


The western areas used to produce 95% of the items before it, but things are different now since we are giving customers the finest of the best.
For years, kids' winter clothing has been in such high demand. However, in this instance, the best elasticity has been produced because winter clothing or footwear is the first thing that comes to mind when obtaining the best elasticity.


People from all major retail markets in the nation who genuinely want to work for the franchise can get in touch with us. Under our guidance, the best quality of technical teaching has been granted; people who do not really know the whole of it can also get the knowledge.


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Can I Buy Lycra Fabric Online?

Yes, you can purchase lycra fabric online. If you are interested in buying lycra fabric from our store, please visit for more information.

Is Lycra Fabric Waterproof?

No, lycra fabric is not typically waterproof. It is known for its stretchability and elasticity rather than its water-resistant properties.

Are Lycra and Spandex the Same?

Yes, lycra and spandex refer to the same material. Lycra is a brand name for spandex, which is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity and rapid recovery percentage.

How Much Does Lycra Cost?

The cost of lycra fabric can vary depending on various factors such as quality, brand, and quantity. For specific pricing information, we recommend visiting our website or contacting us directly at Our team will provide you with the relevant details to buy lycra fabric online.

What are the Common Applications of Lycra Fabric?

Widely used in activewear, such as leggings, athletic tops, swimwear, and compression garments. Its stretchability and flexibility make it ideal for sports and physical activities.